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GRAND Videoke are market leaders in portable videoke machines of the highest quality and are filled with easy to use features and functions. With the largest range of songs available on portable videoke machines help to offer superior value over our competitor’s models such as the Magic Sing range.

All GRAND Videoke products are supplied with a 12 Month Australian Back to Base (Brisbane, Australia) Warranty and all GRAND Videoke Australia portable videoke machines have an Australian Approved Switched Power Adaptor.

If you have any further enquiries please contact us using the contact details provided on the Contact Us page. We thank you for your support and hope that your experience is enjoyable.
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Company Values

GRAND VIDEOKE Australia and New Zealand is committed to providing only the best licensed videoke systems and karaoke machines to all of our customers.

GRAND VIDEOKE Australia and New Zealand is a proud private sector volunteer & partner of the Department of Tourism in the Philippines.

GRAND VIDEOKE Australia and New Zealand supports the rights of composers and artists and only provide and sell fully licensed products.

Videoke: A Fun and Familiar Social Event with a New Twist
Have you ever gotten up in a bar or at home and sang along to your favourite songs using a karaoke machine? You know how exciting and entertaining it is to perform the greatest hits of today, and relive yesterday belting out the most popular songs of all time. Now, wouldn’t it be more fun to include video with that? Well that in a nutshell is exactly what videoke is, singing along with pre-recorded songs on a television screen with great quality and variety of video footage.

Karaoke to Videoke

Karaoke began in Japan in the 1970s, invented by Daisuke Inoue. The karaoke machine consisted of an electronic box programmed with hundreds of pieces of music, including backup singers, and remixes of songs and contains a screen where singers follow along with the lyrics. Karaoke exploded in popularity and crossed the ocean into pretty much every corner of the world, where many bars and nightclubs feature special karaoke nights. One famous karaoke bar known as Cats Meow in New Orleans, Louisiana, has operated since the 1980s and continues to be one of the most popular karaoke spots in the world.

Videoke is the natural progression in technology of karaoke, as it now incorporates video recording capabilities along with singing. The videoke machine first became popular by way of the Philippines, where Filipinos would rent machines for special occasions like birthdays, parties and family fun. Now, anyone anywhere can take part in this new, exciting and fun adventure with friends and family.

Making it into a Contest

A favourite pastime for the Philippines is taking videoke and making into a competitive event. Singers choose their songs, and perform them, and many machines will actually grade the singer on their performance and ability to follow along with the lyrics on screen. The machine will score on timing, keeping up with song cues and pacing, with the singer trying to achieve a top score of 100.

Singers can try to outperform one another, and watch how they did afterwards by playing back the video of their performance. If you and your friends are looking for a new, innovative way to have fun and still enjoy singing along with all your favourite songs, videoke might just be the way to go.

The popularity of karaoke has now translated over into the video world, and you can create your own music video of all your greatest hits.

The History of the New and Improved WOW Magic Sing

A decade ago, portable videoke machines made an appearance in this country and became exceedingly popular. EnterTech Ltd. (ET) of Korea manufactured karaoke machines under the brand name Magic Sing and they quickly gained favour with the population because of Pinoy’s penchant for singing. In-a-Jiffy Enterprises (IAJE) signed a distribution agreement with EnterTech in 2003 to ship the products known as WOW Magic Sing. There were reasons this name was chosen for the product, first, it was to distinguish it from other similar machines ET supplied and to support the WOW Philippines program of the Tourism Secretary Dick Gordon.

The company obtained a formal agreement with the Department of Tourism allowing IAJE to use the WOW Philippines logo and branding, including picture backgrounds into its products. The products helped to create the Sing Through The Philippines tourism campaign which turned the WOW products into helping promote tourism throughout the country by showing off the best the country had to offer including, historical sites, culture, flowers, food, festivals and much more.

In recent years, the brand has changed its format again and is now providing the Global Filipino with the best videoke experiences in its new and improved WOW Videoke machines. The intent is to create a better karaoke machine experience and add better value and entertainment factors. A new supplier was found for these new products by the name of TJ Media Ltd, and is currently one of the world’s best karaoke manufacturers. TJ Media has major markets in both Korea and Japan and are well known for their quality and innovation in technology; the company strictly engineers and produces their products in Korea.

WOW Videoke Premium has allowed the Global Pinoy to enjoy superior videoke entertainment and quality technology not found in any other portable karaoke or videoke device. WOW Videoke Premium offers much greater song selection, terrific sound quality, still and video backgrounds, a large internal memory capacity and many more new additions. WOW Videoke Premium is powered by Music Revolution which helps to make the songs’ sound quality to be as close to the original as possible.

This brand new technology provides even better entertainment and even more value for money than ever before. Take a look today at what WOW Videoke can give you and experience the difference quality and dedication can make.

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