What is your lead-time for delivery?
Our trusted courier is UPS or FedEx and our standard transit time is 5-10 business days (except for UPS considered remote areas).
What are your payment options?
We process payments thru Paypal, Credit Card, Remittance Centers and Bank Transfer.
What is the warranty of WOW VIDEOKE?
1 Year Warranty is offered, but requires that the faulty item be returned to base for repair or replacement.
How to add more songs in WOW VIDEOKE?
A. Add more songs to your WOW VIDEOKE via Song Transfer Pack (STP).
Song Transfer Pack 10 contains Newest Hits, OPM Hits, 90’s, 80’s and All-Time Hits. View STP10 song list here.

B. You may also use the SD Card or USB function of WOW VIDEOKE to play karaoke songs in video format.

Sources of these karaoke songs could come from the Internet or from your existing Karaoke DVD discs. These karaoke videos can only be played in the unit and will not show scores.

The WOW VIDEOKE Symphony supports USB flash drives and hard drives (USB hard drives up to 1TB for FAT32 format) and SD Cards for multimedia playback (supports up to 32GB).

The WOW VIDEOKE Harmony & Rhapsody suppports SD Cards up to 32GB.

Get your Favorite Songs on our Online Song Book Update

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