GRAND VIDEOKE Symphony 3 Pro Plus

$ 949.00

Experience the future of singing with the most advanced videoke today, the ALL NEW Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus.

Now with 8,500+ Songs including the latest hits Perfect, Havana, Something Just Like This, Despacito, Shape of You, Symphony, Too Good at Goodbyes, Young Dumb & Broke, What Lovers Do and more!

  • The First with Perfect Pitch™ Voice Coach– Gives real-time feedback and 4-Point Scoring Systems that shows your Key/Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband & Downband scores
  • The First with GV Air Transfer– Send fun messages, use own pictures as background, save recorded songs or take screenshots of score and share on social mediaPerfect Pitch™ Advanced Scoring
  • The First with Direct Song Download– Download songs anytime, anywhere. Add new songs to your smartphone and easily sync them to the Grand Videoke’s built-in storage. No more Song Packs!
  • GV Smart App Compatible- Push the boundaries of fun and interaction. Connect up to 4 smartphones to the main unit
  • The First with GV Voice Command+ – Find songs in seconds. Just say the song title or artist name and sing!
  • The First with GrandVoice™ Technology– Effortless singing with dual professional wireless mics and built-in microphone equalizer to enhance the quality of your voice.
  • HD+ Audio & Full HD Video– Equipped with Dream Sound Module for more realistic & detailed sound. Visually stunning video backgrounds all in glorious Full HD 1080p
  • Lyric Videos– Sing to new videos with animated lyrics
  • Media Player – Play your favorite movies, music and pictures
  • 32GB Secured Internal Memory and 1 Year Warranty
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1. What is the Symphony 3 PRO PLUS?

The Symphony 3 PRO PLUS is the third-generation videoke systems from Grand Videoke. This new-generation videoke systems incorporates new features never before seen with other videoke systems: GV Smart App, GV Air Transfer, Direct Song Download, Perfect Pitch Voice Coach, HD+™ Audio, 3D RealSound™, and GrandVoice™ Dual Professional Wireless Microphones.

2. What is the GV Smart App?

The GV Smart App pairs your smartphone/tablet to the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 PRO PLUS systems. Unlike mobile apps from competitors, the GV Smart App doesn’t only feature remote control and virtual song book functions; it is a companion app featuring major functions such as:

A. Direct Song Download — Download songs anytime, anywhere. No more physical song packs! Get new prompts for new song updates from the app. Download them directly to your phone even when you are not connected to the Grand Videoke (e.g. when you are out of home). Purchase GV Smart Card online to get an authentication code for your downloaded songs. Once you are connected with the Grand Videoke and authentication has been done, your downloaded songs will automatically sync to your Grand Videoke.

B. Voice Command+ — Find songs in seconds. Searching for your favorite songs is even faster as you can search for song titles and artists using just your voice.

C. Live Messaging — More personal, more interactive. Everyone connected to the Grand Videoke (up to 4 smartphones/tablets) can send messages that will be flashed on screen. No need to wait for the singer to finish for the spectators to have fun!

D. Photo Transfer — Transfer photos from your smartphone/tablet to the Grand Videoke and instantly use it as your custom video background.

E. Music Transfer — Transfer music (MP3 files) from your smartphone/tablet to the Grand Videoke’s internal storage and listen to them later. Great for using the Grand Videoke as a jukebox on breaks during your videoke parties.

F. Screenshot Sharing — Transfer Perfect Pitch™ four-point score and scoreboard/ranking screens from the main unit to your smartphone/tablet for sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

G. Recording Transfer — Transfer your recorded songs from the main unit to your smartphone/tablet and share them on social media such as Facebook and Soundcloud.

3. How can you pair your smartphone/tablet to the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 PRO PLUS through the GV Smart App?

Pairing is done easily in two ways: Hotspot mode and AP mode.

A. Hotspot Mode — Allows direct connection between your smartphone/tablet and the Grand Videoke. This is done by connecting the Grand Videoke to your smartphone/tablet’s Wi-Fi Hotspot (Wi-Fi Tethering). This is useful when a Wi-Fi router is unavailable.

B. AP Mode — Short for “Access Point” Mode. The Grand Videoke and the smartphone/tablet will connect to the same Wi-Fi router. In this mode, you are allowed to connect four (4) smartphones/tablets to the Grand Videoke.

4. What is the Perfect Pitch Voice Coach?

The Perfect Pitch Voice Coach is a technology exclusive on Grand Videoke that gives valuable feedback in real-time while you sing. It is very much similar to having your own virtual singing coach. At the end of each song, the professional four-point scoring systems shows your performance in terms of Key/Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband, and Downband. This will give you an in-depth look on what you must improve to take your skills to the next level.

5. What is HD+™ Audio and 3D RealSound™ technology?

Thanks to the specially-tuned built-in Dream® Sound Module, the Grand Videoke is capable to produce HD+™ Audio which is better than CD-quality sound — featuring 16-bit 48 KHz sampling rate and 414 instruments. This results to music with better depth, wider soundstage and minimal distortion never before heard with previous Grand Videoke systems as well as competing systems.

The 3D RealSound™ technology is the enhanced version of the Grand Videoke-exclusive RealSound™ format. Synergizing the advantages of HD+™ Audio technology, 3D RealSound™ are re-mastered RealSound™ songs featuring true orchestral accompaniment and backup singers.

6. What is GrandVoice™ Technology?

The GrandVoice™ Technology is Grand Videoke’s exclusive set of enhancements to its renowned wireless microphones. With the GrandVoice™ Technology, you will experience effortless voice pickup, excellent feedback rejection, and extended frequency response with our professional wireless microphones.

A Collection of More Than 8,500+ Songs
3,772 English Songs + 2,297 OPM Songs

278 Real Sound • 1,210 Chorus • 130 Multiplex


PARTY HITS: Don't Let Me Down (The Chainsmokers) • I Wanna Know (Alesso ft. Nico & Vinz) • This Is What You Came For (Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna) • No Broken Hearts (Bebe Rexha ft. Nicki Minaj) • Work From Home (Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla Sign) • One Dance (Drake, Wizkid, Kyla)

ENGLISH HITS: Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande) • Youth (Troye Sivan) • BeFoUr (Zayn) • Watch Me Work (Tinashe) • Be Alright (Ariana Grande) • Close (Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo) • Try Everything (Zootopia OST) (Shakira) • Rock Bottom (Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE)

OPM HITS: Diamante (Morisette) • O Pag-ibig (Ylona Garcia and Bailey May) • Para Sa'yo (Juan Karlos Labajo) • Mahal Kita Pero (Janella Salvador) • Your Love (Erik Santos) • Minamahal Mo Pa Rin Ako (Daryl Ong) • Bahala Na (James Reid & Nadine Lustre)

ALL TIME HITS: Chiquitita (Abba) • Dancing Queen (Abba) • Thank You For The Music (Abba) • The Winner Takes It All (Abba) • Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Chicago) • I Made It Through The Rain (Barry Manilow) • Open Arms (Journey) • Make It Real (The Jets) • Broken Hearted Me (Anne Murray) • We Don't Have To Say The Words (Gerald Joling) and more!

Trusted Worldwide For More Than 15 Years

From WOW! Videoke to Grand Videoke, more than 15 years of commitment in providing world-class videoke experience to every home, creating Grand Moments that truly enrich family relationships and connections across the world.

Trusted in over 170 countries- United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Norway, France, Guam, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Israel and more!

Equipped with Dream 2634+ Sound Module for realistic, more detailed HD sound quality. Sing with confidence with no distortions.

Dual professional wired microphones with louder, clearer, and more natural voice pick up.

Packed with Newest Hits, Party Favorites, Duets, 90s, 80s and All-Time Hits for all tastes and ages. Includes 3,772 English songs, 2,297 OPM hits and 41 K-Pop songs. No duplication. No public domain songs!
Loaded with FREE 3 Songs Packs worth $219!

Songs with MP3-based audio recorded live using real orchestral instruments and back up singers.

Hear the sound of the raving crowds cheer as your sing your heart out. A fun way to enjoy your grand performance with 1 touch of a button!

Songs with full-length guide vocals that you can switch on or off.

Themed DJ Mixes of 5-songs-in-1 with full vocals for non-stop singing.

Loaded with over 270 Duet Songs. Find your favorites by just pressing the Duet button in the remote control.

Enjoy your favorite pictures, music and movies via SD Card function. Customize your photo or video backgrounds.

Smart ultracompact and lightweight design. Steam-injection piano black finish.

With 60 minutes of recording time, use it to create an album of your own. Save your recorded songs in your USB or SD card as MP3 format and share to your family and friends!

Hear the sound of the raving crowds cheer as your sing your heart out. A fun way to enjoy your grand performance with 1 touch of a button!

Find your songs faster and easier even without a song list. Search 9 ways - Title, Artist, Lyrics, RealSound, Chorus,Duet, Multiplex, MTV or Number.

Quality assured. Manufactured by TJ Media, the market leader in karaoke for over 20 years.

Easy Navigation to search and reserve songs, adjust mic and music volume, key and tempo, record your own songs, play movies and more!

Song Selection
Total Built-in Songs 6110
By Language/Genre
English Songs 3772
OPM Songs 2297
K-POP Songs 41
Event Songs 10
Music Technology HD Sound
Hardware Features
Microphone 2 Wired Mics
Dynamic Mic Expansion No Additional Jack Maximum of 2 Singers
LED Graphic Equalizer N/A
Sound Module HD Sound by Dream SAM 2533
Built-in Internal Memory 8 GB
Music Video Pack Slots for Song Expansion 1
Song Pack Rip / Download Function YES - UP TO 10 STP
User Memory 64 MB
Personalized Images 180 pictures
Song Recording 60 minutes
SD Card Slot Support up to 32GB
USB Slot yes
USB Function File transfer to/from internal memory only (PC connection required)
Remote Sensor yes
Adapter DC12V, 1.0A
Music Note Function - # OF SONGS 3197
Song Search 9 ways (Title, Artist, Number, Lyric, Chorus, Multiplex, Real Sound, MTV, DUET)
Reserved 30 songs
Play, Pause, Stop yes
Music Volume, Mic Volume, Echo yes
Melody, Tempo, Key Adjustment yes
Favorite 50 songs
Recording 60 minutes
Games Singer Showdown
Score Check yes
Real Time Score yes
Voice Effect yes
USB Function File Transfer to/from Internal Memory (PC connection required)
SD Card Function Watch movies, Play MP3 music and Customize Video/Picture background; Transfer recorded songs using SD Card
Applause Function yes
Picture resolution 720 x 480
Video Background 78 Mins: WOW, World Tour, 3D, K-Pop, K-Drama, OPM MTV
Video Output Mode RCA
Video Output Resolution SD 480i
Picture Background 30 WOW Phils
External Video Source Function N/A
Personalized Picture/Images Load up to 180 Pictures using user memory
SD Files user's videos and pictures as background

Product Specification

Song Selection
Song by language
Total Built-in Songs 8,527
English Songs 5,882
OPM Songs 2,604
K-POP Songs 41
Event Songs Medley : 5
Event : 10
Song by format
MIDI 5,614
RealSound™ 465
Chorus 2,150
Multiplex 255
Music Technology HD+™ Audio
Downloads Songlist
Hardware Features
Microphone 2 x GrandVoice™ Professional Wireless Microphones with Function Keys
Wireless Microphone Operating Frequency/ RF Type 494.0 MHz – 505.2 MHz
8 switchable channels for each wireless microphone / F3E
Microphone Expansion Additional 2 x 6.3mm (1/4″) Jacks for Wired Dynamic Microphones (Maximum of 4 singers w/ included wireless mics)
Included on front panel of main unit N/A
Sound Module Dream SAM2634 with special software optimization exclusive to Grand Videoke for HD+ Sound
• 414 instruments, 16-bit PCM, 48 kHz
• Better than CD-quality sound
Internal Storage 32GB built-in flash storage
Internal Storage Allocation for User Files 16.4 GB of 32 GB
Song Pack Slots No physical slots — Song updates are done digitally via GV Smart Song Packs from the GV Smart App’s Direct Song Download function. GV Smart App is available on Android and iPhone/iPad.
GV Smart Song Pack Max Song Count in Internal Storage 10,000++ songs
Photo About 16,793 (1MB/per Pic)
Sound Recording About 415 (4MB/per Song)
MP3 Music About 3,358 (5MB/per Song)
New Song Song Update Volume – 100 songs every other month
USB Slot & Functions 2 x USB OTG
• Compatible with USB flash drives and external hard drives of up to 1TB in size for multimedia playback and content storage. Supports USB Wi-Fi adapters for GV Smart App.
• Play music, movies and photo slides. Save song recordings. Load photo and video backgrounds.
USB Function Play music, movies and photo slides. Save song recordings. Load photo and video backgrounds.
WIFI 802.11n Wi-Fi via USB Wi-Fi adapter for connection between Grand Videoke and Android/iPhone/iPad via GV Smart App
Ports • HDMI A/V output
• 3.5mm 4-pole A/V jack for RCA composite or line-out audio output
• 2 x 6.3mm (1/4″) microphone jacks
• 2 x USB-A ports (front and rear)
Song Recording About 4,198 (4MB/per Song)
Remote Controls • TR-20P IR Remote Control • Virtual Remote & Song Book on GV Smart App for Android & iPhone/iPad — up to 4 devices via AP mode
Smartphone Connectivity GV Smart App on Android and iPhone/iPad Free download on Google Play and Apple App Store, featuring special features and functions including:
• Direct Song Download
• GV Air Transfer™
• Voice Command+™
• Screenshot and Recording Social Sharing
• Virtual Remote and Song Book
Up to four (4) devices can be paired and used with the Grand Videoke simultaneously on Wi-Fi AP mode.
Voice Command Voice Command+ on GV Smart App for Android and iPhone/iPad. Search for English and OPM songs as well as artists.
Perfect Pitch™ All built-in and GV Smart Song Pack songs except duet and rap can be played on this mode. Experience Grand Videoke’s exclusive 4-Point Scoring Systems that allows you to experience singing as if you have your own virtual vocal coach.
Song Search • Unified On-Screen Search — just type in the title of the song or the name of the artist without changing search modes
• Virtual Song Book on GV Smart App for Android & iPhone/iPad
Max Number of Favorite Songs 100 songs
Score Check Difficulties Amateur, Professional, Perfect Pitch™
Score Check Formats Normal Videoke Mode
• Points Format (0-100)
• Grades Format (S-F)
Perfect Pitch™ Mode
• 4-Point Scoring Systems
Real Time Score • Normal Videoke Mode — Can be turned on or off
• Perfect Pitch™ Mode — Always on
Playback Controls Play, Pause, Stop
Song Tuning Controls Melody, Tempo, Key Adjustment, Male/Female Modes
Applause Function Activated via remote control and GV Smart App
TV Systems NTSC, PAL
Video and Backgrounds
Video Output Resolution • HDMI: 1920 x 1080p 60Hz
• RCA: 720 x 480i
Video Total Runtime 90 minutes (80, 2.48GB)
Video Background Types • WOW Philippines
• World Tour
• Motion
• 3D Anime Dance
• K-Pop
• K-Drama
• Lyric Video (on select songs)
• User Photo(My.Photo)
• User Photo(Ext.Photo)
• User Video(Ext.Video)
Power, Dimensions & Package Inclusions
Power Adapter 12V DC, 1.0A, 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz Autovolt Adapter for International Compatibility
Consumption 10 W
Product Dimensions 150 x 54 x 135 mm
Package Dimensions 320 x 285 x 210 mm
Product Weight 420 g
Package Weight 3 kg
Package Inclusions • TKR-343MP Main Unit • 2 x Professional Wireless Microphones • User-Friendly Remote Control • Song List & User Manual • HDMI Cable • 3.5mm-RCA A/V Cable • USB Wi-Fi Adapter • Handy Bag • Autovolt Power Adapter


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